Saturday, September 24, 2011

Built Out of Facebook

Are you there, high school?
He's packing my studio 
properly... It's me, San Francisco.
Blow-drying a unicorn. It's hot.
Kinda long, but very, very 
funny in Dallas men's room 
powders. Try and stay calm, 
‎2 more tests to go! Examine
stalker mini feed in full 
effect: CREEPY! Listen to this:
I will be doing the unstuck tonight
tonight is the night 
to see the panda dance
Interesting things go on 
in Denver these days
they say.
Hey friends, what are you 
reading from the weekend?
Worth reading? In love 
with this city. Call me 
please... I dig this so 
much! Until I get 
arrested for having that 
one crazy dream again
last night... whoa
international? Lunch 
today: 1 package 
bacon 2 red potatoes.
Internationality? Yeah, 
I don't get it. Yes, I most 
certainly sent him 
a birthday greeting.
One of the best
live sing-a-longs ever!
"Lose the ego." isn't always 
about you
your insecurities want 
my truck back.
Not the easy snooky 
phase? After this 
week's perms I roll 
a mean blunt hahaha... 

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