Friday, September 16, 2011

''Ix Tab'' Cut-down Cut-up

A book of limited opium
who, but and/or,
for it's his addicts book.
Everything drives
an effortless dream appeal.

Sexually intense blankets
in the cold. 

by enacting confusion, garroting, 
characterization persuasion

Hangings will call her.
all around 19th Street.

Admittedly, the heterosexual 

may feel delight: a heroin 
necklace and cheated romance

Fight the Muse to do more.
Just survive strangulation

seems not to be his vocation.

those veritable gallows 

extend her patronage.
a jealous few witnessing,
Goddess, Mr. Good 

has eliminated the fair sex.

from incident to 
the central task of spinning,
the same aroused wit

anything that might detract from difficulty
the hard & happy truth.
erotic fascination of a night gone

hanging by death,,
Everything spinning

graces, stylistic paving
The night all gone, 

but hanging

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