Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 x 14

He devoted his whole life to the future
a future he never made it into
petitioning politicians and scholars
to wake to the truth of our notion
predicament problem near-ending
the decline and fall of our empire
our 'use by' date now long gone
Gary Snyder still crying
from the deserts
and from the mountain tops
and the hilltops
and the gullies
And my father drank it in like it was gospel
and he knew he could do better in the morning

He devoted his second life to our future
his first life he spent like teenage semen
lost in the blur of the moment  
in the darkness without focus or intention
spilled out in drugs & alcohol & sex
blind to the black magick he was wielding
voice of a ghost that is now leaving
He devoted himself to our saving
he devoted himself to our future
to prove to the world that he meant it
and strove to impart its importance
its imperative its requirement and its tenant
to his children and their children and each other
he gave himself to our hope for a future

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