Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kirby Cove

to the tune of guitars, mandolins, 
bagpipes, cheap coke & hairspray
Freighters crest the punk-washed waves
the sun shines out
unaware and uncaring
Our tiny animal foibles
behemoth sub-audible
military choppers
chop the air
The air, no offense, much better 
on it's own
sans commentary or guitar-fueled breaks
the promise of returning surf
silent acceptance by rock and sand
Again and again, we return
and it returns to greet anew the day
again the sun and
more importantly, the moon

And here, right here I am

phone calls and photographs be damned
to live, to breathe, and be free
this is the gift we share
the covenant we acquiesce to
life's contract:
Be here now 
and then be gone
Good work done
and done again

to acknowledge human order

to rever and accept
to create, not destroy
despite what might have come before
or will come again after
Be damned or choose not to
This is our secret
our secret treasure
kept right here
within earshot of the bored gods
spread out like bleached wood
our foibles, our suspicions,
our struggles
our gallant moments
in sunlight or in shade
we persevere and 
look damn good doing it

Oh, the momentary glory

The ecstasy of our
reciting invincibility to one another
like religion or science
we accept it and trust it
and, therefore, it is true
if only for a moment

the laughter subsides

and what does it leave us?
the exhalation of waves
on shores unnamed

Things we hold so close, so near

clenched with inescapable fear
that this might suddenly end
lights out, curtain down
a dejected sigh, a knowing frown

This great place, this great land

Oh, the metal in my days
and in my hands
There was a time when
I would worry, I would fret
and wonder at what
each gesture meant
But now so much more I know
of the secret songs of our beloved coast

to think that somehow

we can digest all this
parse everything that befalls
such a joke, it is to laugh
in the shade of the cove
far from the mast
It is no joke, but more
to laugh, not to cry, 
nor cower back


sunning & living & loving
just so
It is our way and all that we know
amid handclaps & footfalls
among cliff faces & sheer falls
we shine so solitary
& bright among the world
and its fashions

The thrill of standing so tall

against inhuman scale
its momentary humor 
our highlights & travails

So much meat to manipulate

against surf & sail
from the privilege of the cove
friendship against the rocks
winds and darkness
Huddle, you beloved masses, huddle

The schooners schooning

the bay accepting
lucky our lives absorbing
the glory, yes
the glory, I said it
of living today
like a grown-up
with a robot with its
hand up

Oh, the exertion

of simply being human!
Constructs of strobe lights 
& nonesuch!
We claw, we dance, 
we construct the armature 
of the ridiculous!
We strive, we fall, we climb
imagined walls
What excellent detritus!

And now the chill descends

the shade the cove knows
only as a friend

I sit alone

construct these lines
wishing for lost loves
amid shade, sand & brine
sunken mermaids in my mind

I love the threat

they present
For me, ironically,
it's all in words
I share the secrets 
that the tide keeps
in surf & loam

I look at technology

& I look away
that's how I know
I'm human
how I know
I'm not completely lost
not completely
without animal

All we can hope for

a pumpkin at sunset
& not being pathetic
with people that love us

Yes, it's a lot

good weather and foul
beacon of human remembrance
It's all we can ask for & should

(Oh, Dan Langton

how much you've simply 
taught me
thru words, sure
but just as much through
sly looks & laughs

Portland you're all 

houses and woods
and there's always shit
to do: so tender 
to women "Beat me! 
Oh Bob, beat me!")

& Motorhead prevails

on the Golden Gate coast
away from the campground
our shared & secret cove

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