Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meeting Stacy

Cut in or out of moribund cosmography
your facade of unflagging sprightliness 
filled with peppers, bouncing boiled
nude but rarely naked, cantilever spine 
blind to the hands of the cam'd 
or splayed hands on the blinds, bending
touching, rubbing your hidden regions, nether or otherwise
pose wide, wider, wide 
undulant succulent orbs prickled with raspberry barbs rising
displayed for all to appraise, test for freshness or pass by
fireworks in pink and red for each hanging sphere, anointed & defiled 
transacting agitated energies concentrated fucking, whether together or anything
toes and feet, arching, curling, hands and stands of hands 
ruinous furious stratagem 
fractious diction of grunted communion
bold inhalations, colors shifting up, into the red range:
rouge, fuchsia, vermillion,
gold, amber, and pumpkin,
waves of radiant salmon, muttered ruddy russet, 
blasting bursts of brick, 
burgundy and crawling crimson
lights swerving, cameras shakily trained on this new mission
avalanching production of compunction
jump cut to satisfaction,
revelation or repetition

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