Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Self-Inflicted Shazzbot v.02

Frankenstein fish fingers
lightning bolts in real time
birdcage of the gods
bmx your spot-lit drive

figures oft forgotten
ghosts, né apparitions
sail the wind-churned fog
adding jazz to late-nite visions

frankincense n' cheez burgers
Frankenstein fish fingers
crossing blurry bridges
wrap your body with your spine

negative nirvana
bent forth & given measure
stow all your visible efforts
cauterize your skyline

we've lost the words to say it
perhaps robbed or just forgotten
the characters unwritten
unstitched, erased or misaligned

Frankenstein French figures
candy pants'd young rockers
California condors
or a skull of Tiger's Eye

carved from grounded clouds
ground down & oft without
worth or worthy nerve
these late November nights

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