Saturday, November 12, 2011

Singing Strands in the Morning

Behind the cracks in my eyes
is a knot that was knit
like a rope across time
which is space
a single strand drapes
woven in braids upon braids
in the cracks of my eyes
are the eyes I use
to view you 
on tape, on screen
online, only $1.99!
within the cracks between 
the cracks of my eyes
are common compartments of time
moments or memories
sometimes yours, sometimes mine
these are a single dimension
translation, like
stone skipped on calm water
the concentric impressions
soon linking in ringlets
across the undulant surface
and time and space are combined
this cracked surface of
our current conceptions
our two-dimensional abstractions
cobbled, hobbled, and squinting
widening toward crevasse 
in between
the implications are clear 
units of elegant compaction
a grove, né a forest
in the pure order of matter
strand upon humming strand
glowing hairs on the vine
a luminous lacquer
light beaming through darkness
dipping wires between stanchions
hunching us deeper
both transmitter and receiver

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