Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goths With Grillz

Did anyone thoroughly
read the gift options?
Emo girl found to be
almost entirely designer resin
Incomplete without
appropriate vampire accessories
Linked to the use of applied art & science
Emphasizing the practical uses of
those early years
A bare-bones operation
as opposed to George Wallis
"Keeper" Collection
Multi-foiled arches
many unavailable
secure this online system
Whether hot construction guys or
They are, after all, many
more moneyed and
usually extremely tight
An edgy black now
lugubrious even
The day losing its glitter
Healing this space
fine examples
copying fine replicas
put your feet up and slip
a necklace with a cross
over these vast spaces
this cavern
easy & secure
They are the billions
who lack cardboard
or we guess
profound exploration
of what means
and what is now
tucked away & plain

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