Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Close Captioned

Behavior data: Alkie attaches
Twinkle Oklahoma
Hispanics they've got
Wood-burning kilns
By day they're taking a bite
GW iced 9mm
blow up sheep myself
Introduced to you like
declassification clockwork
Directly into your jacket
and ethnic group
You say goodbye

You're right: I didn't get wages
Rainwater is going to do it
Delinquents living there
trade voltage lines

Some say resolvable
about the overworked
I think they should be asked
The shanghai crops
fogged with trepidation
& bad weather
The environment
already threatened
Played with in Chechnya
Rubber progression

Overhead at last
Some okay competition
Pete Stark obit
Watching dots respond
Data, if you're into it

Flows or series
of arteries
of batteries
It's hard to write
We usually get six
Plus, it's polluted
The right surroundings
You know people in Montreux
your out-there donors
your subtle ingredients

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