Friday, January 13, 2012

One sentence

I want to use words like "verdant" or "mordant", but can't bring myself to double-check their meanings, a.k.a. my understanding, so instead I type on in the early dawn hours of a Friday that was packed with action, but now filled with packing (rather than working), meaning as far as sleeping goes, it will have to happen more sooner than later, but not at the moment and perhaps not much longer than the thought will take me to form into something worth not only remembering, but perhaps even documenting, yet returning to my purpose and my point, as lost as it is, I want to write something, or maybe a drawing, that will give someone somewhere something to remember, to hold onto, to cherish, to experience like no other, yet that leaves me thinking about words that I don't use when I'm talking to others, fancy collections of letters like "umbrage" or "hacket", or "mordant", or "colossal".

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