Friday, February 17, 2012

For Your Health

Are you having, or have you recently had, a canker sore or cold sore flare-up? An irritating itch? An unsightly bump? A hacking cough? An unexplained patch or discolored blotch? Something more serious? Annoying AND embarrassing, right? Well, have we got some good news for you! At this very moment, there are a number of gigantic, inhuman, unfeeling entities that exist solely to make as much money as possible off of the illnesses and perceived illnesses (and the various and varied fears of illness) of people just like you! They grew out of dark necessity, out of the bowels of human suffering. They stalk the Earth, continent by continent, town by town, looking for the weak, the sick, and the fearful among us, and the dying too. They are constantly hungry. They are always looking, always watching, scanning. They are constantly feeding. No amount of pain or suffering, or death, can sate them. And there is no hiding from them either. They hunt alone, but there are enough of them now to find nearly every human on the planet. They are in every emergency room you've ever heard of. They control the minds (and destinies) of 92% of trained physicians working in the field today. They are both fantastically large and imperceptibly minute. They shape shift not to frighten you, no. They do it out of necessity. Like vampires feeding: to survive, to continue, to horde and dominate. To move imperceptibly into and out of your body, sometimes taking you by the ankles and giving you a good shake. Simply to make sure there aren't any bills or coins you may have missed in those deep pockets of yours. And to make absolutely sure that you aren't coming down with something, don't have any obvious or visible symptoms, that you're not hiding something from them (or their drone army of doctors, whose yachts and country club memberships can be taken away like THAT if they dare try to... but never mind all that.) It is important to them that you understand their messaging, that it speaks to you directly. You are both the chaff and the seed in the wind they generate. You live because they let you live. You thrive because they make you thrive. They were present at your birth. They will profit from your death. They will find you and penetrate you and consume you. They lord over the world's existing supplies of plants and tinctures and minerals and man-made chemicals and all the necessary (and unnecessary) drugs and medicines needed to combat all the known (and unknown) ailments that we poor humans suffer from. Hell, sometimes they have to make some new ones up just to keep the herd moving. But that's neither here nor there. We have wandered past our point. Perhaps it's a side effect of that new medication, it's so hard to be sure nowadays.

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