Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick, Create Distance

I often feel other people's moods and emotions, but I'm blind to their comfort levels or immediate desires. Meaning no offense to the vision-impaired community. Image is a language that I speak. That's all. A soup can is not just a soup can. This is not a pipe. Etc. (Justin Etc.) Maybe I can say it in a different way. For you. In an attempt. It's like Bootsy stretching out. Over Bernie Worrell's rainbow ribbons of synth. They made a whole funky world. Let the cat out the bag. Nope. Slipped into the visual again. Is this too close? Should I stop now? From the microphone to the speaker. To you. Yes. It's a loop. Is this too close? It is? Sorry. The fact that I can't tell is off-putting, I know. A little creepy. Yeah, I can feel you too. Now it's awkward. These are the kinds of things I should probably keep to myself. Okay. That was rhetorical.

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