Sunday, March 11, 2012

Belchy in Public

Nights edited
keep getting stranger
cause many disturbances
especially galleries
Others you may know
young and happy to be playing
but that doesn't make an expert
An unknown quantity at this point
a filthy old man with rank, matted grey hair
stood next to them
One of those rare deals
the public has not heard about yet
I had no idea what to ask
because I'd had no time to process
"Don't you hate it when
your leg falls off in public?"
"That doesn't happen any more"
Not being on fire, mostly I need to vent
flinty-hearted researchers are on a mission
they're more foreground than background
I was away for a few weeks
and during that time hearing
pledge of self-regulation
getting plenty of attention
the careful first violence
allowed or required
to an early grave, I need to know
if spitting noises would depend
they pee in public toilets, not on the sides of buildings
like scalded banshees brought here and put in pens
before are still available under
but mostly because no one has

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