Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surreal Contents of the Sky

Years ago
when I was a boy
the monstrous sky
gray, crushing flowers
eyes so sunny
I saw you look away
million-dollar maybes
for seamless stars
Great whirlwinds
Movement, passing
the sky black
layered in air
like a yellow skull
stamping the thing out
crushing out the glowing end
Oblivious when it came
left foot amputated
after a truck pulled back
revealing crumpled feelings
When you wish
pulled and shaken
it would rain already
sensitive to the soil
in the sky with
little cracks caught on tape
silence seemed to crush
An edgy dark glamor
taken from his eyes
Still too hot to take me
those parts of the video image that
disguise a predilection
twilight sky over pocked pavement
which weeping people wander
three long mountains
a wonderful shade of red
as the curtain is drawn
the fog blown away
Bluish-gray gravel
taken off the air
a long-lasting backdrop
a formula symbolizing oceans
you on the cliffs blushing
openness entombing
just stay as you go

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