Friday, April 20, 2012


Got drunk in a bar. Swore at my guitar, aping karaoke, danced like a marioneta, hat upended on the ground. Swore in a voice drowning in loathing, held at attention in clotting night air. Swore songs at her picture in the tiny town square. Sang songs against her in the park. The fountain wet itself in the dark and night birds drowned it out. Gushing and dancing, the fountain and I, tears in both of our eyes. Not just swearing, but crying like a lonely coyote, leg chewed to the bone, eyes rolling, tongue lolling. Guitar fingered and throttled, smashing my very last bottle, I swear. Peppered corn and toy pesos, business as usual. Shouldering through the crowd, la policía quickly turned my volume down. This poor little town now a cut-rate donkey dong disco, wet t-shirt body shot show, with Tabasco, five for a dollar, just say yes and don't say no, ¿no?

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