Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Admiral Uneducated-in-Latin

Steel wool blast of grass, sea grass
crippled poodles swoon on Lido deck
Rays coming full-force, in false tenor
wind chimes climb the breeze
branches grow following invisible paths
currents through the density of air
Cut-rate salads look like photograph
good enough to stuff down with tv magazines
dine-asty, travesty, blank mastery, diary of
incantatory slander landing
Hot tar balls on tin toys annoyed
Sailing, keep sailing
stumble in swastikas
four way crown, paper kites on china
a flake of gold, cleaned to a hum
tooth lost in a drawer when you moved
my little mouth a mineshaft
to the bottom of the glass
cat's cradle able to clash with the best of them
land crabs, they called us
guitar squeal highlights tension
the hands of Hessian vultures
swoop, swoop, swooping
They call this a quadrant
we know it's a grouping

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