Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magick Flourishes

Fractional caliphates broken by stanchions 
out of place, out of space, time, pace 
with the face of a generative populace
Acetate agitates train trestle vessels 
resplendent magistrates contemplate the matter of estate beyond recollected & collected fashion plates
at the stubbed edge of fate sits 
the bull-headed somnambulate
insomnia's drowsy blowzy alternate
obfuscate obtuse drunken scrawl or 
translate the soft-skinned bathroom wall
actual tangible animals demonstrate fast-acting 
contractual & factual reprobate
crossed aims, crossed legs
gestures conjure monsters
figures wander longer
exacerbate otherwise calm fronds
this unleavened heaven 
our doughy hand of fate

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