Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Tutu Tues

man in a rumpled blue coat
cut straw hair and crazy eyes
paces a sidewalk storefront
worn blanket display

stolen wares at a distance
police metal barricade
a pointless backdrop
undone like a zipper

follows the black fence
the cracked concrete
sloping away
away from the nightclub

papered front door and wan spotlight
wrought iron gate over acid-scribed glass
air dense with exhaled breath
unwavering stench of piss

streetlamp out on the corner
erases, most things invisible
intersection oozing darkness
stained street shadow frightening
almost supernatural
coagulating vortex echoes

forced half-light
a voice fading
drifting junkies and 

crackheads like field mice
mutter away from the corner
away from the dark

in the tiny light
through the gaps between flyers
clots of human arms gesture
bartenders tiny against brick

glutted crush of people
sandwiched and thirsty
desperate, laughing in tandem
music thudding murmurs
through the glass

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