Monday, July 02, 2012


She had a thing for holes
didn't matter where she found them
pushing her whole body
or falling backward

embracing the darkness
Down or up didn't matter
penetrating the surface
drinking herself in

Fur turned her on
she found herself chasing
running and yelling
after bellies of rabbits
hands in the air

she was inquisitive, assertive
the kind who makes history
made a mess of this topsy
men and animals left wanting
her neck bent, her head lovely

Caught in a world
her clothes always snagging
grabbed at by thorns
the fingers of bushes
tearing at her body
or pulling her hair

Tearful and ecstatic
she found herself arguing
with strangers far too often
after drinking & smoking

for a brief time there was:
a large weepy beast,
a guy with some hats,
a stark-raging husband,
an ineffectual queen

still such a hard time
making sense of them all

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