Friday, August 10, 2012

John Hughes Befuddled

Quantify a forgotten birthday
an early morning slip away
a gather your clothes and run
kind of day
dim robot crystal screams
clear like firewater fueled machines
made from hair you gave me 
a moment in the rearview
burnt mirror stare, or glare unseen
sheen on black cat glass
electric, like guitar or chair
these empty windows
missing from milk cartons for yrs
no a/c or cold beer
Qualify a sentient moment shared
between knowing or unknowing participants
poop deck docked knockers 
clock slop on crippled sleep
sleek thoughts creep from underneath
like smoke through rug from chinks 
in floorboards weak
weakened by each step taken 
in cold or heat
this forgotten birthday 
a chastening quandary
keep running toward your family
just an old clock wound up and served
con papas fritas y sea bass piccadiddle 
y Djarum Super Special
cutting classes, like "Anal Drudgery 203"
or "Interwoven Conundrummery 818"
trimming fat from low-hanging fruit flavored underthings
Sabotage a big haired birth dream
carve your face into her neck in sweat
a skull formed from this nest
of fools and gym sock grinders
competitive Edisons of myth
customized suede and acid washed denim blinders
an afternoon's hormonal torture sift
bringing down a busload's finder
setting VHS tapes adrift 

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