Monday, September 17, 2012

Measured By the Back & the Wrist

Constantly and seemingly endless complications. Defenestrations. From the round legs of cars or in front of broken toothed bars. Any story window, transforming. A mouth to tell a tale, one article at a time. Any window an eye into the peeper's pocket mind. Season the reason for discontent, distrust, lament. If it ain't broke, don't give it no change. Walk on by. Watch, with your little eye the safe falls with a whistle from the sky. Out the window, into the rain! Get out of the gutter, if you can. Pick 'em up, dust it off. A wheel, one leg, a hand. A puzzle piece, a dress, a key to the rest. Bent toward the pavement, dropping coins and paper, arcing backward. Efforts made of sand. Complainers in rain gear picking trash out of the teeth in your hand. Clogging turnstiles blankly grand. The clover leaves, the long gray quarter mile, Cyclone fence hillside, reviled contraband. Your hovel puerile. Do-it-yourself Candyland. Cast out violins don't give a shit about mood or setting. The cell phone has its own distinctive call. In voices more flexible than our own. Netting a catch not worth having. Detainment endless, a similar redundancy present. Unintended projectile, cummerbund to understand.

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