Saturday, September 08, 2012


Cross up & under
Wrap in plastic
Set slowly adrift
Ignite from a safe distance
Think “pyrotechnical”
think “professional”
(like “confessional”
only more “-essional”)

Secure to base
Observe stanchions
Adjust for comfort
Blink twice for maybe
Using only your ring finger
tap out your manifesto
Flood an entire decade
with overheard music

(Summer cars gush
traversing the expanse
of your unnumbered days)
Put one foot to make distance
then repeat after a moment
Form into shapes
recognizable shapes
Use vigorous motion
to indicate living

Step back & away
Push night into fire
Dance blindly toward life
overcome who you are
Pull lever for attention
Watch for flashing light
Assume all known risk
slide freely to the bottom

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