Monday, October 29, 2012


we were still at an age when everything felt brand new unknown fresh and as sharp as night in the middle of the daytime across my Gramma's street on the drooping corner lot was a boy his name was David and he scared us from the first time we ever met him one time he called us over we knew we weren't supposed to but he kept calling and saying he had something something really cool to show us something good he said so we held hands and ran but not too fast toward the mouth of his Gramma's garage into the back corner by the washer and the closed door to the tiny hillside backyard there was a wheelbarrow with a blanket over it covering it lightly like a hand protecting but not touching something it was moving a little when he moved it aside and we saw what it was was a whole bunch of tiny kittens too small to make much sound with tiny closed eyes and all moving like furry worms in the bottom of the 'barrow we stood for a minute and we asked if we could hold one but he didn't answer he just picked one up with just one hand and then David smiled and his smile turned mean and he said something we still can't remember then he laughed with his whole body and he held it out to us and he squeezed and it moved more and it cried it screamed for help we couldn't give it and then he threw it his whole shoulders and his back moving into the wheelbarrow with all the other brother and sister kittens still in it with all his strength he threw it and we said we had to go now and then we ran still holding hands we ran and there were no cars and we hoped he didn't follow and we called out for our Gramma ringing the doorbell ringing the doorbell 

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