Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Other Than Dying

this motion won't stop
       cannot be 
   stopped for any reason
             (other than dying I guess)
it's like your knee bouncing in class
    under the laminated 
                      particleboard of the desk
or that guy near the back
                                  who can't seem to stop 
       isn't even aware
clicking his ballpoint     pen     again...    again...
     again...    again...          again...
it's a tic that repeats
  echoing itself uneven
    spastic punctuation
       but it can't stop 
it won't
       just keeps happening 
                                   this motion
  movement small but 
twirl your ring        your hair
  pencil in your teeth 
    your nails chewed
     picked at zit 
       or scalp 
         or lips

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