Sunday, November 18, 2012

In an attempt to not embarrass the city of Oakland

go on, tadpole, grant us a sense of wonder. from the sulfur pond to your permanent record. running along, swimming along, jogging along. water just a daydream. grant us your short term shadow. a toe dip is all it takes. a 2/4 off-beat makes your whole body vibrate. and your tail shake. shake, shake, shake. there's a funk. there's a funk. funk. funk. slipper skating the same carpet. beat down brown surround. the color of vague stains. daylight. nightlight. spotlight. all night. chorus come for us. swoop down like a pleasing refrain. a choir of voices for all of us. bent down. put your face up. close both your eyes. and breathe. nearly smile. the trumpets and double bass. the bass.

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