Saturday, December 22, 2012

a world of restraint diseases

say I was lying for twenty four years
I think I want to

six years I haven't had a high stakes exhibit
I don't know if you have passes

the ceaseless test results suggest I believe
the idea that some people experience an astrological age

mental enlightenment will arrive in about 2084, 2085
404 NOT FOUND affects mankind for a long time

influences the rise and fall of tendencies
traditionally associated with interpersonal space travel, nervous electricity,
nonconforming computers, irresolute flights, freedom disorders,
ghost democracy, humane rebellion, modern veracity,
philanthropism, astrolization, the discovery of heritage congestion

no one knows for sure when humankind will actually arrive
with melon sangria wine coolers, with more impersonal, more altruistic ideals

the harbinger of singles party popularity
the rise of secretive, power-hungry, fascist playboys

attribute American fascism to animosity
between Tesla and thieving Edison

incoming tides of uranium decay crises
include the sunshine of your thoughts

enjoy dumbed-down consciousness
understand the cause of reduced astrological travel

i hope you hear chaos dissolve completely
as you plan uneasy workshops

hide your absentee passion
slight embers of the thing

attributable to the sobering dark and the future
doing something quite different

transition between unhealthy lecture
and what you are a part of

talk is the map waning
restrain your huge infectious past

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