Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Frozen, Wanderlust

And as for touch
(open elipsis)
Frozen frame allows
one to notice fine facial details
scars carved across face of said
speaking actress, actor some would insist,
and it makes one wonder, think back perhaps,
if old enough to do so, to recall, recollect, hearing about
that face, that amazingly sultry, damn near perfect, face
and how some insane person, wouldn't they have to be insane?
some hate-filled, misguided someone ran into her in a dark place
and took a blade, a knife, a scalpel and gave her pain
tried to take something away
but here, anger subsides over time
and that face is frozen in my browser's eye, the frame giving time
to notice that look, those eyes, those scars, those lips, that face
and as for touch
I'll wait

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