Tuesday, February 26, 2013

impossible reduction

imperial majesty
counter culture mortuary
running out of plastics
shiny plastic future melting
all the ice melting
sweating its way up coastlines
shaken awake for the good part
the catastrophonic embellishments
on the flawless face of your 
high def flat screen
hurled up into the maelstrom
impossible juts out
first waking thought
that bone sticking out? the blood?
a film, which one? with Willis?
cacophonous clash of image & sound
massive aftermath
beyond digestible human scale
all the water climbing creeping
or running roughshod across entire continents
a battalion of meteorites colliding with planets
with moons of various colors various crumbles
ripples of unnamed energetic forces
repercussions running back across the solar system 
to the unknown heart of Sol itself
mordant constant luminary
a simple ripple
enough to grant golden permissions
for old stone to move
vaporize to sine waves 
of finely coruscating dust

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