Sunday, February 10, 2013

tactile travesty (congested by fog horn vagaries)

yes, of course
add handclaps, little bells
hand-stitched doodads
sequins and diamells
torted up and dressed down
with that silly hat
maybe because of it
ham and jam sandwiches
are a really nice way
to say go fuck yourself
seems like just yesterday
that all the fish decided
and then we had
a really important
but forgettable
outside in the yard
not knowing the ending
touches the very beginning
show me
with the dolls
the puppets the latex
jelly dildos
tanned hands can withstand a man's grasp
but you can?
tramp stamped "return to sender"
now what?
body shots is no way
to go through prison
if you don't know
what you're saying
then just yell louder
a ring of wilting flowers
around the yellow hole
in your mouth
trickling steps
carved into darkness

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