Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Untitled. February 6, 2013.

Jaded doesn't equal wasted exactly, lost, without hope or energy to regenerate, no, no.

No, rather, it's an insistent hammer, banging on the surface of something it hopes to eventually penetrate. Bang, bang, bang! Banging, penetrating...

Out of necessity, mind you, not out of some hedonistic desire or random physical or psycho-sexual impulse. Dig. Ya feel meh? 

As the randy street denizens might say, on the off-chance you hang about long enough to suss what they have eked out, in the slanguage of their particular territory, quadrant, zone or district. 

"Bang bang bang!", they might say in automatopiac mastery. A reflection, a refraction, a ricochet, an echo, a parlance of getaway, an audible reinforcement of tangential agape, a faint delay, a reverberating escapade...

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