Friday, March 08, 2013

life-threatening mistakes

I'm tempted
to just jump up & say
but what could that possibly to do
to the air? to the people around us
in the air?
suspended in the water we call air?
that flows around us
enveloping & engulfing
we pass through it
with little resistance
only minuscule & forgettable
moments of friction
small enough to be mistaken
for permission
an anticipated bounty
of yeses & overheated
nods & bounces

I want to lean forward

away from the curtains
out of the windows
refold the box of my mind
I want to lean lean 
back back
I want to bellow 
but I don't dare 
for the fear
of just how few 
heads will snap
how few necks 
will crack
like the sound 
of the bat
on the diamond 
that's really
just a square
we call it contact
and there's a calculated lack
on the part of the average
tv-addled grumpy bear

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