Sunday, March 31, 2013

we have hopes

we have no choice
tiny pawns, ants
prawn buffet only $5.99
crashing down on our own heads
like fist shaped rain
dontcha want me?
your denim shorts your bare breasts
all ready to attach and send
a hope an honest excitement
a hope we hope a hope
and confessions
gushed over text or pics
this is the future somebody
dreamed up a long time ago
stoned listening to The Stones
or Dead or someone Time-Life® now owns
dontcha long for a time that never existed?
I know I do when I'm alone
we have no choices left
in life but to do everything
fearlessly without reason
conscious concern for the well-being 
of others all our necessary others
in this town or that town
on this site or that site
now gone now done now down
tiny pawns, all for the love of what?
peace love understanding and respect for
leaving no trace and washing the paint
from our faces the glitter and dust from our hair
as we transition back from out there to in here
splash down in your own living room
your own bed, known to a few
but restfully slept in only by you
your entertainment center
the garage where you work
the basement, the stairs
the tent now tainted with dust
the costumes all threadbare

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