Sunday, May 12, 2013


many types of distance
between thoughts or keystrokes
electric pauses fingertips
causing tiny spastic glitch
the tongue licks
and L-O-L becomes 
wet wet sex
a pulse of recognition
then a key struck 
meaning SEND
licking fingers inside
the thick spit
the distance between inhale
and exhale
the time it takes to think
bolts of electricity jumping from
hair to skin, wet to dry
to wet
many times we're distanced
inclement weather down yonder
rejected touch let wander wondering
spastic glitch lost 
then recovered
deep sleep smile uttered 
the synth voice climbs
from pillow top to full-blown flight
sky-clad and body unblind 
bound toward dream
distances quickly typed
succinct sublime
backslash backlash extant
extended capslock unguent
tangent a moment to ponder
the simple distance from fondness 
to fondler

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