Friday, June 21, 2013

we came from the ground

hear what I am finding:
all kinds of without 

doing myself alone

undone by my repetitions

half-baked marveling, unsupported irony
yet another sad corner

scattering like moths  
tiny Xs in my eyes

2000 miles away
the mismatched plastic clothes 

part like greasy hair

all the bedrooms turned over 

smashing down the hollow invisible
on a website I can't pretend to name

being young radiance
blacktop dies quietly

seconds after the cracked cement 
the sun coughs alone

hungering for danger 
in the arms of strangers

flushed and gleaming
smashing down unrelenting distances

I cross the street
feeling so hollow

Xs in the air all around me
crying mismatched words while I sleepwalk

Dying to hear what can be heard 
I watch the scrawny kid chew gum 

so hollow not hearing 
what you're doing

distant and smashed down
lost and lacking

filling the blankets 
lost dreaming

lost without you 
I watch the cracked cement

await hungry visions
in the arms of strangers

saying all kinds of things
crying dirty intuition

zoned out from the ground up
crushed and gleaming

I cross the street numbly 
unsupported by my repetitions

sit outside on the greasy blacktop

in the barely feigned night

marveling at the words I can't say 
while you're elsewhere and unresponsive

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