Friday, July 05, 2013


dirty & gritty
digging in
digging into
digging in tenths
getting it under
in the middle of 
hair-like precision
split at the tips
and lined, limned
small dirt rut
stuck underneath each
edges let's talk about edges
frayed or
ho bidniss bejeweled
something in between shaped
gnawed down into the flesh
purple from cold or
dirty other
digging into the palm
or striking percussively
hidden filth painted over
tromp l'oeil style
part of a team
thuggish in miniature
tools for carving
scratching or breaking
tearing chipping
chewed down daily
human flint
snagging lint and hose
raking titillating
getting into your
hungry skin
indented crescents
cute cuticles
baby moons
filthy baby moons

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