Friday, August 16, 2013

dark entries

there were older kids and they always seemed to want to be bad to be doing bad things things that would get all of us into trouble with the adults if they ever found out because someone younger and more nervous folded under the pressure and ran into the house into the middle of their weird and seemingly unenjoyable adult gathering and tearfully blurted something out to all of them to their giant drunk faces formerly laughing at some bad joke or other while the rest of us the kids all of us kids who weren't tiny babies hid huddled in the dark in someone's bedroom or someone's yard or some other person's back garden large and sandy after moving parked cars or throwing water balloons or stealing and eating or smashing fruits or vegetables or shooting wrist rockets loaded with giant ball bearings at each other as we all stood in a tight circle against the summer wind and shared swigs off one single beer in a brown glass bottle.

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