Tuesday, August 27, 2013

open letter to a fucker

Hopscotch Laundry, you piss me off
so unlimited in your limitations
giant metal heart
crushing hopeful petals
between alien toes 
long & strange it ain't over
naked naked wrapped in a thin layer
of bacon grease and hope
slathered in whatever you call 
the oily fluid put out in moments of
glistening lavender pretension
some are okay as long as you pull
the blackened cord
yank it for all to see
bridges built and broken
hoppie hopping launderer
down a hallway of childlike machinations
back and forth like a Cameo song
bend down to my level
then catapult into a sky 
carried away with itself
colored with tears 
and intentional intentions
spattered with star-like glints
from your eyes and the skin around your eyes
but you piss me off
never mind your eyes 
your lovely lovely eyes
you piss me off
those lips and hips
you piss me off
your willingness your feigned innocence
Hopscotch, quandaries you send me 
like battered birthday cards
on the wrong day at the wrong time
still I'll spend your last five dollars
on a chocolate thought 
saying something like,
Stay sweet. Keep in touch.

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