Saturday, September 28, 2013

Up & Down, Up & Down

Autumn is a time of heavy drifts. Leaves and hair and tears falling for some many of us just lost and scared and cold what with the sudden shift. Burning off the old and flying free for others shining fire in the sky that should kill us all but instead works like jet engines against the aching earth. Both at the same time sometimes we find ourselves and can only decide whether to be kind or fearful like cats out on the street at four a.m. It's about the downsides of rebirth up & down we go up & down again. We drift and rise tiny sparkling dust in the liquidity of time and distance makes us soften if only drunken and forgetful in the dark cold part of the night. Don't explain. It's all laid out like fine crystals aimed at a cancerous memory, a tumor of words built so carelessly. A crystal grid shines our shared hours undiminished by time or hurt when you finally lock eyes with me the hunger talks to itself between gulps. We ride in our old seats side by side so excited almost afraid to look smoldering and barely able to wear clothes later we kiss and we mean it still unable to discern proximity in the low light and silence before dawn. Watching as your body sheens under orange sodium lights pull of history and potential only slightly distant door opening watching you sink into the clarity of chilled glass.

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