Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Drinking Bad Smoothies By the Lake

Enroll in a segment of your peeled back world
Speak in an accent that embarrasses all those who hear it
Cross your crosses like they used to do singing songs around the fire
Whatever you do don't stop what you're doing
Until you've had enough got enough get enough
Or whatever Michael shouted in that Disney-esque falsetto
The spatial relationship between taste and smell is something opening like a blossom
A 1/4 pound of most things will bring your skiff around and fill it with Bougainvillea
Asking for anything is the root of real connection
Get up in the enveloping bass of that one guy's Chevy Impala
Screws and joints as loose as a dead clown's asshole
Vibrating like the broken bed in the motel room in your dreams
Sign up for a class called "Yeah! And Other Reasons To Fearlessly Be Alive"
Don't stop don't stop 'til you get enough

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