Wednesday, November 27, 2013

COIL Day / -2 + 1 = ∞

when it is both an immersion 
and a stripping away 
to sit alone on a chair 
of Chinese plastic 
facing a window 
without being able to...

Oh, so many things!

"It's in my blood!" 
Jhon Balance screams out again today
with an intensity that few have 
particularly among the dead
drunk sacrificed from a balcony 
onto cold marble below
his last pie dropped from such a height yet 
still cooling on the ground
spread out now 
like the contents of a handbag 
now to the multiverse
another tiny ripple sent out 
his truly meaningful echo
defying age by sliding the web 
being immergent for so long 
you actually become part of it
in physics we call it momentum 
it is momentous
my ability to be alone in my room 
with a dead man 
with a couple of dead men
everything backwards
crooning grinding out magick 
electric channels max'd
cold sunlit spaces pictureless and worn 
out with white plaster lumps
scars built up from all the years 
of sleepers and stayers

now mine I fill it with boxes 
of things I drag along 
and share
Sleazy's invisible fingers 
still make it happen
push Jhon further
samplers whirring
dipping like songbirds 
like night birds lurking
these lines keep coming 
ebbing up to me 
like tentative kittens
all tiny faces 
filled with innocence 
hunger and rage 
tiny razor claws and teeth

to spend so much time alone and working
dedication to a practice mad 
bent toward delusion creation
thousands of kittens ripping 
piercing the worn denim of my legs
ever more kittens and their chosen 
soundtrack is all pre-written pre-recorded
flute haunting the call 
of a silhouetted bird 
with sheening black feathers
giving a moment's union
still dug in and
underlining the alone of this

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