Monday, November 18, 2013

Gimme the Night / Your Job Or Your Life

if you're given instructions for cardboard boxes
don't go knitting sweaters 
for super friends in transit
the wheels on the bus 
touch all kinds of stuff
then you get your gum 
under your gums
and got stuck in front 
of the grand jury
a flurry of events 
and bad decisions covered up
the indecision that led to true contrition 
before a doe-eyed fawn
a pawn eating prawns or were they crawdaddys 
it don't matter a lick really
we're on our own damned way to chilly Philly 
to buy us a cheez steak grilly
that shit wasn't in the written instructions 
the bold-faced compunction
of a zeal rinsed function 
prevention is the zit faced stepson 
of indecision
the trumpet music seems lost 
in a house of mirrors 
just now the fanning out 
notes bounce around the carpeted and wood paneled lobby
when I'm not guessing the age 
of recently deceased loved ones
my real job my one true hobby 
is playing bongos in time with the histrionics
of over-tired mall trapped toddlers 
when first realizing their station their position
and their stance 
it really is nothing more 
than a strobe punctuated 
coconut-flavored smoke-filled function 
a dance

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