Wednesday, November 13, 2013

too full to resist

this is how we lost
all to a beating heart
uncorked and reaching
wide covered and 
lost between fingers
broad cat sweeps
feeding on grease
dirt into data 
turned away
the sweetest pleasure
eyes knowing all secrets
it felt different deep inside
no answer when held
all the air now smoke
some of us look like shit
the beautiful people 
never seem to realize
the world is a haze
falling into silence
tears in the eyes
another night nearly done
most probably fucked
curious but never talked about
demons and gods
touched and tasted
chances falling toward 
a dark place filled
with great beasts
nipping with curiosity
bow down to the dogs
a kind of warning
ignored by the air
the metal smell of stars
crazy tribe of wastrels
bunched into onlookers
burning shit gone cold
smoke still coming back
'til loveable flesh is lost

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