Sunday, July 06, 2014

easily lefted (for Austin Osman Spare)

in the other hand he retains
some fragment of a design
not out of fashion
the abyss rising slowly
against his will
failing to choose disintegration
he became a star instead
associated with some fragment
of ego he could have easily shed
he developed an idea of himself
all around himself actually
he titled a publication
"The Grant Morrison Abyss"
also "Mary, a poorly received publication"
eventually they broke up
with all systems of celibacy
appearing in the summer
critics (and the public) saying only
"Horrible. Very horrible."
since he failed to uncross
he now fears to cross
drinking layers and layers of alcohol
eating disintegrated and disintegrating meats
his unconscious part follows
encrusted with layers of self
always considered to be a follower
his truer self appearing
too laid out and overdescribed
somehow he retains pseudonyms
"Automatic Pleasure?"
"Fortune Exhibition," he counters
suggesting the idea of blasphemy
early and influentially
he is a successor to the abyss
designed to be a brother closer
Satan is too old for this shit
overproduced and flashing like religion
homeless he wanders
has to sleep on two chairs
draping like elevated road kill
lingering like a personal problem
homeless and injured
his talents emphasize
a good many rejections
it's like a portrait
10 May 1941

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