Wednesday, August 27, 2014

spinning (in ever smaller circles)

flat blast 
out your ass
as in "talking 
out your ass"
like it's your mouth
teeth gnashing
like you're some 
fucked up character
from a W.S. Burroughs story
it IS your mouth 
I'm talking about
or maybe 
your squirming brain 
should share some blame
in this pointless 
mess you've made
I get it
you get up and you
wanna make a point
you're annoyed 
by something (you)
you're angry 
about something (you)
but your eyes point outward
and your fingers 
just can't wait
you have something 
so important
to say
so important 
to stab out
into the ignorant world
too bad your ire
your desire to 
"set it right"
overrides your will 
to read to perceive
too bad
there's no humor
in your morning
too bad
it all comes out 
in comments 
on my page
too bad 
it becomes yet
another misguided example
of "misguided" 
constructed of angry words 
typed angrily
chastising me 
accusing me
of what? for what?
too bad
it's not just another
ass blast
kept in your house
in your room
to yourself
from you to you
too bad

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