Monday, December 29, 2014


born in a rusted trap
gnawing off another piece again
clenched in a doomed attack
metal jaws chomp through the meat of me

not dead yet
this unrelenting morning
wretched piece of meat sky
leaving behind an attempt to survive

the day flashes in and out
I'm still here
my broken rhythm still pounding
slow blood pulsing out

bleeding until floating drifting
splayed out but legs bent
twisted breathing comes fast
cold water climbs inside of me

soon my lungs will sail
across the bent and blackened grass
just another part left behind

I can crawl a little distance since
the night came on indifferent
the sky doesn't try to hide itself
the trees offer nothing

whispering and dancing overhead
I cry
when I find the strength
but the frogs and crickets don't listen

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