Thursday, September 08, 2011

Petaluma Transmission v.02

Reading the fog back to front
half a cigarette for breakfast

windows let down
let some outside in

flying the ribbon of the highway
between crags and coast
over the fog-locked bridge

Soon slicing shade & dappling sun
through the near-Autumn park
Sailor Jerry asleep in my ears

the drive an effortless dream
even 19th Street
a necklace of signals
washed clean and adorned
with previously unseen gems

It's the fight to do more
than just survive
this day, the ones after

feel it out in sunlight
and ocean-colored air

The night all gone
paved and unspoken
difficulty and harder truths

It's never as it seems,
never what it seems to be
or even now is

hanging intangible all around
lusting for a truer self

Only tears and words
for blankets
and cold confusion

How much will be remembered?
How much is being forgotten?
How much now or

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