Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Return of Smiley (Cold War Nostalgia)

Ugly smoking men
with ugly yellow teeth
slip around uneasy
Others by cars
parked in rows
read papers, meander
outside in the dirty snow
Hand-held or earpiece radios
watching from inside the van
cobbled side street
handshake exchanges
matching briefcase arrangements
their heavy plastic glasses
trench coats and mustaches
Navy slacks going "Shhk-Shhk."
when thighs touch
Each stride percussive 
like a rolling jazz brush
Communication in reduction
microfiche seduction
Lies in your eyes
over untouched cocktails
quaint smoky basement
candles on the tables
wanting to abort, but unable
like over-sized tears
wrapped in netting
Lean closer
Suppressing an accent?
get the drift, clipped aspect
Spy cam necklace
Pulse rate carotid dance
Ambiguous fingers
on ambiguous hands 
Agents abound
on the dance floor
at the station
all around you,
escape to a waiting sedan
clouds of smoke
push-button traps
taped instructions
along the river
cyanide tooth & 
the strange couple
their cheap cameras
picnic camouflage
analog internet

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