Saturday, December 10, 2011

3-Day Cycle

Slam your face shut
eat it up
unknowing domination
untitled entitlement
claw barking the trees
hound absentee
offering a nest of hair
then another
within seconds
kick-starting yer muther
artificial entanglements
repeater conceiver the other
kick out session @ 7am
48 hrs of the same dream
salad & ice cream
excited driving drinking
slow jam following
everything offered 
& nothing forgiven
auto pilot handouts
on a broken river raft
outer space time
just another hate crime
foreign barking tuned
just right flashes
2 for the price of none
forced coffee marches
never mind the blow back
yer own private dog track
horrified cashiers
with every purchase
granting understanding glances
polluted stage set
curly handclaps
& banned shampoo
oblivious villagers
jabbing not prodding
strip mining for love
get that thing out
of the trash
slam it up
eat your face shut

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