Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video Chat

Crowning blows
don't you go
don't you stop
don't stop the music
Pretty baby, you are the soul
crossing lines of tape
or scansion
ribboning beyond & within
a silky starlight
twilight place for love
truck stoppage
Skiddley-scatting our way
thru the Milky Way
Is there any other way?
Endure this hurricane
tiny house we frame
just like last year
this year, the first day
met us at the old town's
favorite bar
The Nook
restaurant above us
it was great
everyone looked so healthy
in the multi-colored lights
river bar, Minnesota-bound
seeing where you used to live
you don't know
how things are gonna go?
Crossing lines
breaking it down
from the backseat
imagined acreage
future farmed out

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