Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bobby Golden Sandwiches

They called him
Bobby Golden Sandwich
and he had the calves to prove it
a steam shovel mind
the resolve of a soft shelled crab's
tiny reserve of hope
between catastrophic erasures
a bed of popping bubbles
bubbles popping shining star
miniatures spitting sand

They started calling him
Bobby Sounding Like a River
but no one took to it
& he ditched it at the crossroads
and it floated on back
like the cheese he kept
under his hat
messy guitar affair
a sea glass slide
strop for a strap
cigar box worth of dimes

They sang a song about him
Bobby Golden Sandwiches
with his funny short pants
that star-spangled tussle
his fur bow tie
A heart full of lotion
in the clasp of vermin
leaving no contusions
his tiny hound resounding
tincture of hamster
a viola of saxophones

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